How to Become a WURFL Contributor

by Luca Passani, CTO at ScientiaMobile, Inc.


This document explains how you may be able to become a WURFL-DB contributor.
In short, you will need to write ScientiaMobile an email to request WURFL DB contributor credentials. In the email, you will need to provide information about who you are and the nature of your contributions.
There is no guarantee that ScientiaMobile will award such credentials. Before we do, you will need to tell us who you are, who you work for and what kind of contributions you will be able to make to the WURFL data. Granting WURFL DB credentials is entirely at the discretion of ScientiaMobile.
Of course, there is a point with all this: we want to ensure that the WURFL data maintains, as much as possible, high-quality.
Please consider the following three points:

Incentive to Contributors

When a contributor adds device information to WURFL, they get a chance to download a new wurfl.xml file which includes their changes right away. That's right. You no longer need to wait for ScientiaMobile to approve those changes. Nor do you need to manually edit your own patch file. Just add your profile (or fix existing ones) through a simple web interface.
Be aware that next time you log in, you may or may not find your changes included in the master WURFL. If they are, it means that your changes are good enough. If they are not, it may mean that your contribution was rejected (in whole or in part), or simply that you logged in before we got a chance to review your old changes and approve them.
It goes without saying that contributors will have access to the latest approved WURFL before other users, who can only download a recent version from the WURFL website

Know WURFL like a Pro!

Before you ask to be made a contributor, please be aware that you are required to be very knwoledgeable about the conventions used in WURFL. This is not hard. A document with everything you need to know has been created here: Please allocate some time to study this document carefully, even if you think you already know enough about WURFL (you would be surprised to learn how many of the raw-XML WURFL patches we get are virtually unusable since basic WURFL conventions are not adopted).

I Want to Know Who You Are!

You may think that asking you who you are, who you work for and what kind of motivations animate you is unnecessary. You should know that this is for a good reason. Knowing a contributor's background puts us in a better position to evaluate the quality of their contributions, so it is for a good cause. Of course, we will keep that information to ourselves and use it exclusively in the context of WURFL maintanance, without releasing it to anyone.
What follows is a list of the information we require, so you may want to have it ready the very first time you contact me about becoming a WURFL contributor:

We will also ask contributors to sign a formal agreement about the points discussed here

Sending contributors requests

If you want to be a contributor, please send your requests by e-mail to wurfldb (at) Thank you.